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Plumbing Parts Plus Inc. Bath and Kitchen Showroom in Rockville, Md. has an extensive display of bathroom countertops in a wide variety of materials. We sell natural stone, such as granite countertops, marble countertops and soapstone countertops.  We also have a wide variety of quartz countertops, solid surface materials and cultured marble. We have various countertop programs at very competitive pricing. We can customize counters to fit any configuration and we pride ourselves on our quality and lead times.

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Silestone Quartz Countertops

Silestone Countertops

Silestone® is the world’s leading producer of quartz countertops & surfaces designed for high-quality kitchens and bathrooms, including countertops and sinks with advanced bacteriostatic technology. Silestone is composed of 94% natural quartz, and is the first and only quartz countertop with Bacteriostatic Protection, giving it unique features. Silestone is a non-porous surface and highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, makeup and many other everyday products. Silestone counter tops’ high impact resistance exceeds other similar products such as granite and solid surfaces. This resistance is achieved thanks to its quartz hardness, its polyester resin elasticity and its vibrocompression system used during its production. Quartzite countertops have some great qualities, but mixed with Cosentino Group’s manufacturing process makes them an outstanding choice.  Some of the most popular colors include Lyra, white quartz, light grey, black quartz, merope, cemento, cosentini, coffee brown, mountain mist, amarilla, palmira, and doradus, but they have many to choose from.  There are over 60 silestone colors, ensuring that there is a color for every style and texture for your kitchen or bathroom.

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VT Industries Countertops

VT Industries Countertops

Quartz countertops from VT offer a compelling combination of natural beauty and engineered performance. These offerings are extremely durable, resisting scratches, stains, and heat to remain looking beautiful for years. With their stylish looks and low-maintenance, VT Quartz countertops are ideal for virtually any application—from kitchens, to baths, to bar areas.

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Caesarstone Countertops

Caesarstone Countertops

Founded in 1987, Caesarstone was an early pioneer of the natural quartz surfaces market. Caesarstone evolved a new kind of work surface by adding quartz to the Bretonstone process. The manufacture of slabs from a mixture of ground quartz aggregates, pigments and polymers proved to be the unique components necessary for this new generation of surfacing. Caesarstone quartz surfaces are the ultimate combination of nature and technology. Non-porous, scratch resistant and highly resistant to stains, Caesarstone quartz countertops retain their beauty without sealants or waxes and is almost maintenance-free. Ideal for any interior space, Caesarstone stone surfaces have four times the flexural strength and double the impact resistance of granite while impressively outperforming marble.  Some of the most popular quartz countertop colors include nougat, classico, shitake, white quartz, pure white, white crocodile, calacatta, motivo, marfil, and misty carrera, but Caesarstone has a huge selection, so stop in our showroom for  a full tour.

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Tere Stone Countertops

Tera-Stone Countertops

Taylor Industries strived to develop a high quality, durable cast polymer product with a high-luster finish and ultimately developed a manufacturing process in combination with a selection of raw materials to create a product unique to the industry. The combination of raw materials used and the manufacturing processes employed are so vastly different from any other manufacturer and exclusive to Taylor Industries, Inc. TERE-STONE® is frequently compared to more recognized solid surface products, such as Corian and Swanstone, quartz products, such as Silestone and CaesarStone, and natural stone products, such as granite and marble. While some similarities exist with all these products, TERE-STONE® compares to none of them and is actually a standalone product. While the color palette is comprised of shades and tones which may be similar to other products, the exclusive selection of colors known as Sierra Series™, truly distinguishes TERE-STONE® from any other product on the market, creating the look of real stone, yet more durable than granite or marble.  Tere-stone is popular for kitchen counters and vanity countertops.  Although Terestone is immensely popular for bath and kitchen counters, they also have popular applications such as solid surface shower walls, tub surround panels, stone shower pans & shower bases.

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Swanstone Countertops

Swanstone Countertops

When it comes to durability, Swanstone is the best high-performance solid surface for both residential and commercial applications. Their countertops give you the beauty and toughness of genuine Swanstone matched with an endless array of design possibilities Swanstone has the best impact resistance in the cast polymer industry – up to five times stronger. Any stain can easily be removed with common household cleaners. Stains and scratches can always be buffed or sanded out – no gel-coat or laminate surface to wear away.  Swanstone also uses their proven material in other applications such as shower wall panels, shower floors, sinks and more. Visit our countertop showroom in Rockville, MD to find out more.

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Transolid Countertops & Vanity Tops

Transolid Countertops

Transolid creates and manufactures high-quality surfacing solutions for the home and commercial environments. From solid surface to quartz to granite, Transolid offers an elegant and durable surface for any taste or budget.

For the home, we offer custom vanity tops, solid surface shower walls and pans, solid surface tub surrounds, lavatories and solid surface kitchen sinks.

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